12 Daily Longevity Tips To Ensure a Healthy and Productive Year Ahead


12 Daily Longevity Tips


Each day we are graced with new opportunities and new blessings. An attitude of gratitude goes a long way especially in the face of trials and hardships. In these times, even more than ever, we need to breathe…… Listen to nature’s soft hum. Feel your inhaled breath bringing life and feeling your lungs with vital energy. Then feel the release of the exhaled air cleansing of what the body no longer needs. Repeat seven times to reap the full benefit of the art of breathing with purpose and gratitude. This should be done daily and at times of stress with consciousness and being in the moment. So there’s no better way than to start our daily longevity tips to ensure a healthy and both mentally and physically productive year ahead than this.


  1. Be Grateful each day. There is always a reason to be thankful regardless how bad things can be. When we set our minds on what is good then it is hard to dwell on the negatives. Being grateful, according to a Harvard psychological study, shows that being grateful is directly related to greater happiness. This overall can improve your health and your relationships with others.
  2. Say positive words of affirmations daily. This simple task can boost our self confidence and can actually act as a catalyst for positive life changes. Who couldn’t use this?
  3. Be mindful of your mental energy. Lack of sleep, excess stress, toxic people and pain can not only zap us physically but mentally as well. We have to be cautious of our mental energy reserves because this too can be depleted and over time can affect our health as much as physical issues.
  4. Seven or Eight hours of rejuvenated sleep each night. Create a nightly ritual of calming down. No media but use soy candles, lavender diffuser, soft music, soft lights, and soft voices.
  5. Tai chi has a plethora of benefits and increasing lifespan is one. This is a form of martial arts that can be performed by anyone regardless of health issues. It helps renew and relax the mind, improves clarity and cognitive function, and it also helps improve joint agility and function as well. It is often used as a type of rehabilitation for people suffering many types of injuries.
  6. Eat the rainbow of colors with assorted fruits and vegetables. A variety of phytonutrients from multiple colored produce will provide your whole body with much needed nourishment. Each color provides different protection to our body.
  7. Try to walk up to a mile each day. We know the importance of exercise with our cardiovascular system and even managing cholesterol and preventing osteoporosis and many other diseases. Not to mention is helps with clarity of the mind.
  8. Meditate, don’t medicate! Take time to slow down. A time for introspection, a time for reflection, a time to breath once again conscientiously with meaning. Allow the mind to settle and the breath to take charge with refilling and cleansing.
  9. Learn daily acupressure points from your Holistic Practitioner. These points are used by monks daily to help improve immune function and prevent illnesses in the body.
  10. Take herbal tonics quarterly based off of your own personal constitution and assessment. This will keep you strong and balanced despite your health condition. This is also a great preventative for many diseases. Some herbal formulas may be necessary to take daily until the body has recovered.
  11. Nurture your spirit with self-love. Find little indulgences that can be enjoyed often and even shared. Some favorites may be a massage, a hot foam bath, a favorite tea, a favorite soup recipe, a letter to self on positive reflection, a refreshing walk in nature, plant your favorite flowers or tree, learn something new from needle point to rock climbing, or volunteer.
  12. Replenish your nucleic acids. This can be done with certain foods like mushrooms, asparagus, wheat germ, spinach, sardines, salmon, raw nuts, or broth soups. These foods are beneficial to the body’s overall function.

These daily tasks will help maintain good mental and physical energy to sustain you throughout the day. Also, by developing a daily regimen of these tasks, it can help enhance a longer life full of vitality. We all want to feel good and get the most out of our day for ourselves and also to be there for others. Please call today if you need further assistance. Let’s begin your journey to optimal health today!


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