Acupuncture Helps Regulate the Immune System

Boost Your Immune SystemAcupuncture has a positive impact on the immune system shown in research studies. A particular study is the Acupuncture Immune System Discovery, published by HealthCMi. Researchers concluded that acupuncture truly benefits the immune system. This took place at Hubei University of Chinese Medicine where a controlled laboratory experiment revealed that through electroacupuncture stimulation of a specific acupoint helped regulate the immune system response. It has already been known that acupuncture has been shown to increase the production of defensive white blood cells throughout the body.  Moreover, in this research performed, it concluded, “acupuncture enhanced the level of immune cytokines and splenic CD4-T cells through TRPV channels”. In addition, it was shown to enhance serum interferon-y (IFN-y) levels, interleukin (IL)-2, and IL-17. These cytokines play a major part in maintaining optimal health. Regulating your immune system with acupuncture and Chinese herbs could potentially help protect one from Covid-19.

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Acupuncture also helps boost the immune system by improving blood and lymph circulation which ultimately helps reduce inflammation in the body.  Specific acupuncture points are stimulated so the body is able to release immune modulatory cells to help scan for infections. This allows the production of natural killer cells which help fight the infections and also increases the production of T-cells in the body to destroy bad bacteria and viruses. Acupuncture is not only to be used for treating disorders but for prevention as well.  Research is repeatedly demonstrating the many benefits of acupuncture as it relates to the immune system.  One of the main functions is that it both regulates and activates the defense systems in the body.

Although many people see acupuncture mostly for pain relief, according to Journal Of Autonomic & Neuroscience, increased clinical evidence support electro-acupuncture treatments are effective for various immunological diseases including allergic disorders, infections, autoimmune disease, and immunodeficiency syndromes”. Acupuncture has been shown to have a very strong positive effect in enhancing immune cell function in the body. This is also true for those with a compromised immune system. There are many anti-inflammatory effects as well.

So, whether, anxiety or chronic lower back pain, or even osteoarthritis or undergoing cancer treatments, acupuncture has a plethora of benefits for both enhancing and regulating the immune system. According to multiple studies recently published by US National Library of Medicine’s National Institute of Health database, acupuncture can benefit all these by enhancing anti-stress inflammatory and anti-neoplastic effects which ultimately results in a more regulated, balanced functioning immune system.

Lastly, as a practitioner, differentiating wind-cold versus wind-heat is important in guiding the treatment. Also knowing the patient’s constitutional deficiencies allows for better prevention. This is associated with susceptibility to certain exterior pathogens which leads to colds, flus, and sickness. Most importantly, specific prophylactic treatments can be utilized to prevent issues and avoid illnesses.


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