Awaken Your Inner Energy



By Rachelle Tetreault, L,Ac


The life force which sustains us may need a revamp and often becomes stagnated. This inner energy is meant to give us vitality, mental focus, and harmony of both mind and body. Acupuncture is known to awaken this life force and to optimize this precious energy, ridding the body of stagnations which create disease and havoc. Unsuppressing this precious flow of inner energy life force enables the body to function optimally. The immune system naturally becomes more regulated. An overall sense of well-being is introduced. Sleep becomes enhanced. Both mental and physical energy is heightened. Endorphins are released and the mind is now in more focus.

Apart from acupuncture, there are life practices which help sustain this life force once it is awakened and also help harness and hold reserves when needed. Both tai chi and conscientious intentional breathing are exceptional modalities for this very purpose of harnessing or cultivating the vitality of inner energy within. Tai chi helps cultivate our inner life force to flow smoothly and powerfully throughout our body. This energy can be reserved for times when our energy is more likely to be zapped or drained. This exercise creates harmony between mind and body. When eventually mastered, there is then a breath guided flow of movements which act as ebbs and flows as the ocean tide.

Intentional, full rhythmic breathing is another modality which actually stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system. This naturally stabilizes blood pressure, decreases heart rate, increases oxygen flow which leads to more vital energy flow. Endorphins are released. Breathing with intention helps shift brain waves from beta to alpha, even possible theta. This practice reduces negative thought patterns. It also boosts mood naturally, alleviates stress, and lowers depression.

However, other small practices like creating a sacred area in your home can lead to the cultivation of flow of this vital energy. A space that honors you truly and one which inspires positivity offering a safe, cozy environment. This can be a space of one single room or an entire house. As simple as artwork which inspires an energetic reflection or an open window view with birdfeeders or a bird bath to attract migrating birds.

Feng shui which stands for the way of wind and water is helpful in incorporating natural elements to clear stagnations in homes or buildings, or any surroundings. Feng shui brings positive energy and helps release negative ions to a space by unblocking risks of stagnated flow of energy. These can be as simple as adding a windchime, living plants (no dead ones, please!), properly placed mirrors, soft lights, much natural lighting, comfort, easy access in rooms, and proper flow of both function and ease on the eyes should all be present. Allow good flow to be a part of your everyday surroundings. Clear unnecessary clutter both mentally and physically.

There are some vital tactics to gently and effectively clear clutter in both of these realms: mind and body. These small changes help cultivate a happier living space in both thinking clearly and having a more effective environment which encourages good energy and space to manifest new creation and life. First, clear clutter. Both mind and body. Have an inviting entryway both in your home and when you meet people. Be open to accept new friends and guests. Do not block the entrance both physically and metaphysically. Have an entryway full of life and live plants. Concentrate on your inner strengths and use these resources to their full capacity. Practice daily gratitude especially early in the day. Live with kindness and compassion and it will be reflected upon you.

Be open to more mentors and friends. Cut out toxicity in your life whether people or things which no longer serve you but hinder your progress. Surround yourself with positive people who encourage growth and act as a mentor. Make time in nature with the sunshine and take part in self-care. Soft stretches every day to release tight joints and improve blood flow helps prevent future issues of stiff joints and arthritis. Meditate daily and practice the art of forgiveness. Unforgiveness is a heavy burden that weighs on our being and drags out grief to its max. Letting go of negativity and resentment is going to unleash this vital energy that is being tied up and utilized in a negative fashion.

A poor diet, or one with alcohol or toxins cause stagnation in both our minds and digestive system. Remember, our gut has more neurons than our brain. Foods high in healthy vibrations are nutrient dense like whole foods, fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy nuts, and complex carbs. Rose essential oil has the highest vibrations of frequencies (as far as essential oils are concerned) which acts bioelectrically to make us feel more love, joy, and gratitude. The color violet or purple has the highest frequency on the color chart. Certain vibrations of musical instruments resonate with different individuals creating a calmer mind and tranquility.

Our vital force energy is critical to live optimally and with passion. There are many ways to manifest good energy to allow it to reflect in how well you think, focus, and feel. Let’s start your journey to optimal health today. Call-772-353-1397