Beauty Secrets Courtesy of Eastern Medicine


Revealing 5 Ancient Eastern BEAUTY SECRETS

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by Dr. Tetreault DAOM, L,Ac


Many Asian cultures are known for their beauty secrets of skin care. What is even more important is overall anti-aging beauty secrets which keep us beautifully functioning in mind, energy, good libido, as well as healthy hair, skin, and nails. Aging is a passage of life that if lucky enough, most of us are allowed to make the journey. Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered the most comprehensible of all traditional medicines because it not only respects seasons of nature as a whole but integrates humanity with the physical world of natural science. It  is comprised of herbal medicine, health assessments, and both preventative and treatment of disease. Eastern medicine has stood the test of time and now its approach to genomics (the study of a person’s genes including interaction with other genes and the environment) shows promise for promoting healthy aging without chronic disease.

So, acupuncture is best known for its amazing ability to treat and manage chronic pain. What about its benefits for healthy aging? As we get older, we all eventually become kidney deficient. The kidneys in Eastern medicine is responsible for strong bones, strong back, hips, and knees. Also, the kidneys help govern fluid, and even organ function. Signs of strong kidney energy are having much energy, healthy libido, strong bones, healthy fluid regulation, and good hearing.

    1. Acupuncture rebalances and rejuvenates! Acupuncture also helps improve overall kidney essence by strengthening the kidney energy points of the body. Regular acupuncture treatments have been shown to not only increase energy but improve sleep and enhance a healthy mindset. Signs that youAcupuncture port st lucie may need to have your kidney energy revamped may be a weak back or knees, joint aches and pains, frequent urination, fatigue or feelings of weakness. This is beauty secret number 1 !

Certain acupoints on the body actually help regulate fluid in certain areas of the body. Herbal formulas are also used for vaginal dryness or atrophy. This specific formula treats vaginal dryness naturally and promotes soft tissue health by regulating and restoring hormonal imbalance. The acupuncture points (on the lower abdomen and ankle) along with a formula allows healthy blood flow to the lower jiao. This is beneficial in both male and females with low libido as well as treating sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction or vaginal atrophy. Vitality and function are both much improved.

Along with acupuncture, certain foods are known to help nourish the kidney energy of the body to improve longevity and health. These consist of the blue-black foods such as black sesame seeds, seaweed, eggplant, black beans, plums, and certain mushrooms. Other foods to nourish kidney essence is bone broths, brown rice, figs, walnuts, whole grains, and chia seeds with dates and nut milk.

    1. As we get older, our memories should stay intact and strong. Eastern medicine looks at poor memory issues as heart blood deficiency. There are treatments to restore and improve the microcirculation and perfusion of the brain. Typically, scalp points are used for post stroke patients who suffer with sequelae symptoms or even Parkinson’s disease or early Alzheimer patients.
    2. There are many herbal tonics that can be prescribed for healthy hair, scalp, skin, and nails but also to improve the body’s metabolism. Weight management is vital for healthy aging and longevity. Treatment is set to clear stomach heat, cleanse bowels, and rid the body of residual toxins. This allows the body to reset and optimal weight management along with ensuring proper nutrients and lifestyle changes.
    3.   Maintaining an optimal immune system is also a beauty secret. When the immune system is functioning properly, both your skin and eyes show it. Your skin is a vital role and is a primary defense mechanism. The lung functions are to help regulate water passages, control the skin and body hair. It also plays a major role in the immune system. Eastern medicine is amazing in immune support and regulation for the whole body.
    4. The liver regulates overall vital energy that supports all the functions of our organs, limbs, and tissues. When we sleep, blood returns to the liver to be cleansed. However, throughout life we often need a liver detox herbal formula or treatment based on lifestyles and exposure to chronic stress. Also, a liver detox is often encouraged with the elevation of liver enzymes or to simply enhance metabolic and detox functions of the liver. This keeps us youthful and our body functioning at full speed.

Beauty is definitely not just a pretty face but having amazing energetic vitality, a healthy functioning body, good mental clarity, and obtaining a healthy weight to lower comorbidity risks. Having a healthy lifestyle, clean whole food diet with real foods, regular exercise, and being kind to yourself all play a complimentary role. With all this, you can enjoy a more balanced life and enjoy all the gifts of aging beautifully.