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Nature helps us thrive in many ways. Not only do we feel healthier but with the intake of real food, spending time outdoors, and bringing all the elements of nature into our daily lives will help maintain this connection.  Another major component to maintain this balance is to use herbs as our primary source of medicine. Many of the common diseases and ailments which we see today in modern society are the direct result of the fact that we have moved away from our primal connection to nature.  Health and disease in the body systems interact in amazing interconnected patterns, and when we make use of our connection to nature by utilizing herbal prescriptions and natural therapies, we can then shift those negative patterns to allow the body to experience greater balance and vitality. Eastern Medicine heals by using plants and nature.

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Whether you have various diseases or you’re relatively in good health with just a few minor issues, your symptoms are not to be ignored or overcome. These even very subtle signs are a way of letting you know that something is out of balance.  These symptoms act as an alarm system to maintain proper balance and good health. The earlier you recognize your body’s distress signals, the easier it is to heal disease naturally.  The good news is that no matter where you are in your health, you can make improvements with Eastern Medicine.

More Americans are realizing that our current allopathic medical system including both its approach and its synthetic medicines often make us sicker. Not to mention, the cost of conventional medicine that is so profit-driven that America ranks as the 38th worldwide for our health and well-being yet we spend more on health than any other nation.  Side effects of Western Medicine kills more than 100,000 people each year.

Enter herbal and natural medicine.  These therapies are generally much less expensive and treat the root cause rather than covering the symptoms. Eastern Medicine encourage the body to heal and balance itself. Most herbal prescriptions contain hundreds of compounds that work together in synergy to address a range of health conditions in your body as a whole.


Eastern Medicine is a very effective and safe stand-alone medicine when prescribed and overseen by a skilled Doctor of Oriental Medicine (DAOM).  It has stood the test of time and now is revealing its ongoing effectiveness through more recent research whether on its own or used with Western Medicine.

Many conventional physicians have little to no knowledge of Eastern Medicine. Unfortunately, they do not always feel comfortable in giving recommendations unless they have worked alongside Eastern Medicine practitioners in certain teaching facilities. Eastern Medicine encompasses the body system as a whole in that it looks at each organ and any sign of disharmony that may be exhibited.  It involves maintaining balance, homeostasis, to gain optimal health.  This is done by balancing the body with nourishing herbs depending on each individual need or by removing stagnation in the body which may cause the development of disease.  Formulas are prescribed and modified based on one’s individual pattern and constitution. Most herbal formulas contain 4 to 12 herbs to ensure efficacy and safety.

Each formula prescription has what is called a sovereign, king, or, chief herb (s) which is responsible for treating the chief concern based off one’s pattern. The deputy herb (s) will complement the king herb in resolving this endeavor.  It can also be used to treat a co-existing pattern of disharmony.  The other herbs in the formula act as assistant herbs to help balance any unwanted effect of the main herbs.  Lastly, there is a guiding herb which directs the treatment to a specific channel, meridian, or organ of the body.  This system enables the herbal formula to be very effective in treatment yet also very safe.  Depending on diagnosis and the chronic nature of the patient, treatment can vary from only a few days to three to six months in more chronic or critical cases.  Once treated, quarterly checks throughout the year help to maintain the body to stay balanced. This allows much easier management to ensure proper maintenance of the body systems. This can all be obtained with therapies such as acupuncture, prescriptions, food therapy consultation, and/or moxa/heat therapy. Let’s get you balanced today and in optimal health. Call Holistic Health On the Go @ 772-626-6419 or email Dr. Tetreault here to make your first step.


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