Essential Oils for Fall Time


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by Rachelle Tetreault L,Ac



Essential oils have been used for centuries expanding over many cultures for thousands of years. They are derived from a plethora of healing plants and have various therapeutic benefits. These benefits contribute to your overall health wellbeing. When inhaled, the molecules from these oils go directly to the brain via the olfactory nerves. This specifically affects the emotional part of the brain called the amygdala. The very beginnings of these oils have a colorful history and with Fall time approaching, we can utilize certain ones to prepare us for this amazing time of the year to protect our health and both calm and reenergize ourselves to all that the season provides!

To begin to understand the longevity and value of essential oils, derived from nature’s finest plants, we would have to go back to pre-historic cave drawings found in France over 20,000 years ago. These relics of history took place in the French Dordogne region and was then used primarily for medicinal plants and oils to heal the body.

The Egyptians were perhaps the first to use various aromatics and ointments for broader purposes dating back to 4500 B.C.. Some of these uses included perfumes, medicines, incense, and even cosmetology. Some of these plants which grew close by the Nile River were major resources for mostly spices, resins, and medicinal purposes. However, the Egyptians never actually refined their own oils but imported from other regions.

China began using essential oils under the reign of the Yellow Emperor Huang Ti. These were even used to assist with the bubonic plague outbreak in Mongolia. In addition, the renown Greek physician Hypocrites had reported using over 300 plants where oils were extracted to assist with medical issues. However, the Romans were more known to use aromatic oils and perfumes on linen, and on their body for both bathing and massage purposes. Lastly, Persia was the first to distill oils that are now currently used in the modern world for a multitude of benefits. Since these times, oils have been used in ongoing research for modern medicinal needs.

Now that we have explored the history of the value and expansion of precious essential oils, let’s take a look at how we can utilize them in our modern world. With Fall upon us, and the colors starting to play peekaboo in golden hues of orange, yellow, reds, and even pinks, let us prepare for what lies ahead by good selections of these oils.

Certain ones like cinnamon bark will help keep us focused and energized where orange essential oil will invigorate our senses and lift our mood. Clove has a multitude of research and beneficial purposes ranging from antineoplastic (shown to inhibit certain cancer cells), analgesic for pain, antibiotic, antioxidant, and even helpful for headaches.

Other essential oils like cypress keep us more grounded and centered. Ginger is known for digestive benefits but also improves overall energy and focus. Eucalyptus globulus helps us feel more refreshed and invigorated whereas both bergamot and nutmeg are known to bring a more calm and relaxing sensation throughout our being. Frankincense essential oil, like clove, has been shown to have antineoplastic or anti-cancer properties. This precious oil which dates back to biblical days also helps with stress, anxiety, arthritis, and digestion.

Plant extracts and herbals are still greatly researched in our modern world. Chemotherapy has greatly benefited from plant extracts to provide added benefits and less caustic compared to previously used chemotherapy drugs. Eastern herbal medicine uses a variety of raw herb compounds, granules, powders, and oils to help provide root cause treatment to many chronic disorders. This along with acupuncture provides the body the ability to tap into its own natural ability to function optimally and regulate fully.

To combat colds during this time of the year, bay and thyme essential oils are very helpful. Bay, specifically, helps with a runny nose. For a lack of energy, grapefruit or orange is a great choice. For more fatigue, essential oils like bay, basil, and pine should be used. For overall inflammation, a German chamomile is often used. During fall time, the skin may become more chapped or cracked so sandalwood, frankincense, and benzoin are helpful. Lemon essential oil will help a sore throat. If the throat is burning then lavender is also a good selection. Lavender is also helpful overall for allergies. Oregano oil helps with sinus issues and opens the nasal cavity.

Not all essential oils are safe to ingest or place on skin so caution is required. Essential oils like camphor, eucalyptus oil, pine oil, or tea tree oil can have significant reactions if ingested. Each oil has restrictions and different uses so confer with your holistic practitioner.

Enjoy this beautiful transitioning time of the year which is full of changes. It is truly a time to let go of what no longer serves us and reflect on our past accomplishments. Find value in the seasonal oils like cinnamon bark, orange, clove, frankincense, ginger, bergamot, nutmeg, eucalyptus globulus, and cypress to help strengthen your vitality during this transitional season. Call 772-353-1397 to begin your journey to optimal health!