Fall Preparation for Both Mind and Body

Fall Preparation for Both Mind and Body

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By Rachelle Tetreault L,Ac

As we enjoy the last remnants of summertime, we should start preparing for beautiful Fall in all its glory. This is a sacred time in ancient Eastern Medicine for releasing what no longer serves us and making room for receiving new precious treasures which add joy to our lives. This transition starts with breathwork of taking in autumn’s crisp air and releasing stagnations within. At this time, our energy moves more outward and downward just like the fall leaves. The easy, more free energy of summer now has a downward movement of fall. This allows more inner reflection and introspective energy from within.

Understanding Eastern Medicine’s healing offerings at this time of the year starts with the organs of both lung (yin) and the large intestine (yang). These organs need to be nourished and prepared for these changes. The emotions at this time may be grief or sadness, feelings of alienation or even difficulty coping. This may occur if the lung energy is too weak. This is often seen with reliving past issues or traumas and essentially having a hard time moving on. When left untreated, it may lead to depression. The lung energy is responsible for allowing and accepting new changes whereas the large intestine is responsible for letting go what no longer serves us.

In my office, I utilize a fall treatment of nourishing both lung and large intestine energy to help acclimate both the mind and body to do just this very thing. Discover the relief of releasing what no longer serves us and the ability to accept new blessings. There is a great need for this balance that often gets stagnated in everyday life. This season of the year is the prime time to address these very changes.

This is an empirical time to manifest organization, setting limits, but also protecting boundaries for yourself. This is a time to really reflect on all your accomplishments and to set new goals. A more introspective look at yourself to help focus on healing mind and body energy. This leads to letting go and accepting new experiences. Fall is more contracting which leads to rebirth and clearing out clutter within ourselves.

There is a heavier sense of atmosphere which may come with a loss of what no longer serves us but the art of letting go will empower the high energy of this season with the movement that coincides with both the winds and the falling leaves of rebirth to eventually transpire with this simple act.

This is also a time to keep the immune system strong by nourishing the lungs and helping with allergies. Exercises like tai chi, meditation, deep breathing will help establish good lung energy and maintain balance. Certain acupoints on the body will help regulate the immune system to help keep the body strong and healthy.

It is important to stay in harmony with each season and connect to nature in even the simple aspects. Walking barefoot in the moonlight in early autumn helps the body acclimate. The world is shifting and slowing down. Notice the changes and the feelings they inspire. Reflect on every single accomplishment that is yours to claim and release any self-limiting thoughts that may be lingering. Breathe in the new, exhale the old, and create harmony from within.

There are many food therapies that will help nourish the lung yin and provide support as autumn advances. In early autumn, it is more vital  to strengthen both the lung and spleen energy and reduce dampness in the body. Some of these food therapies include apples, dates, cooked pears, and grapefruits. It is a good idea to have warm soups, teas, and broths, especially as autumn advances. Mid-autumn tends to be more dry so it is necessary to increase moisture in and on the body. Foods like honey, goji berries,(more pears!), soymilk, and definitely increase good fats and basic hydration. Good fats consist of flax, chia, healthy raw nuts like Brazilian and walnuts. The latter part of autumn is colder and still dry so adding foods like sweet potato, pumpkin, lots of cooked root vegetables will be beneficial. Warming spices like cinnamon, coriander, clove, cumin, black and cayenne peppers, and nutmeg are wonderful additions to warm our kidney yang energy to prepare us for winter ahead.

However, cold drinks or raw foods at this time will draw energy from our body. Digestion is enhanced with both warm foods and drinks especially at this time. This is even more relevant if loose stools or bloating is present. Warm teas like steeping radish slices for five minutes will help prepare the body for fall. My go-to is fresh ginger, lemon, and honey to help fully soothe and warm and also enhance digestion as a whole. Miso soups for fall provide good nourishment and come in many colors. The darker yellow, red, and brown all provide a different flavor and are great in combination with scallions, bean sprouts, and mushrooms.

Other autumn foods which best serve us at this time include beets, tomatillos, squash, cabbage, eggplant, cranberries, and even turnips. Call today to begin your Fall Preparation by nourishing lung yin and large intestines yang to feel your best throughout this amazing season of colors with its outward and downward moving energy. Call 772-353-1397.