Find and Maintain A Healthy Balance

As a Board-Certified Eastern Medicine Physician, I specialize in helping the body find and maintain a healthy balance in the midst of stress, fatigue, chronic disease, aging, and many other components. By providing acupuncture protocols for specific ailments based on research studies, many disorders can be helped and offer life changing improvements. The body is always looking for balance, or homeostasis, and both acupuncture and herbal therapy, along with food therapy can help obtain this goal regardless of diagnosis or symptom. Many protocols are utilized based on studies used over many years and by multiple practitioners. These cover a diverse range of disorders. To name a few performed in my office are as follows:

  • Pain, Injury , Trauma Relief
  • Arthritis Protocol
  • Pulmonary Maintenance
  • Insomnia, Stress, Mental Clarity Renewal
  • Depression, Shen Disorders
  • Fatigue w/ or w/o Fibromyalgia
  • Endocrine/Hormone Related Issues
  • Menstrual problems/ Endometriosis
  • Fertility Issues
  • Impotence/ Loss of Vitality/Libid
  • GI Health Protocol

The path to a healthy balance starts with acupuncture and customized herbal formulas but in order to stay in balance, food therapy is taught to patients. Food therapy will help continue the balance by nourishing one’s individual nutrition needs based off constitutional deficiencies and excesses. Lastly, depending on the chronic nature of an illness, subsequent treatments should be given to help maintain that balance either once a month or quarterly depending on critical nature of each person. Please make your appointment today for your full assessment and treatment. Click here to verify if Eastern Medicine is covered by your insurance but keep in mind, I strive to keep fair prices to meet the needs of the community and furthermore,  your health is priceless.