Keeping Your Hair Healthy and Vibrant


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by Dr. Rachelle Tetreault DAOM, L,Ac

The hair industry makes over a billion dollars a year because almost everyone is fond of their locks and would like to keep them looking both healthy and vibrant. With hair loss or thinning hair or even dull hair; Eastern Medicine is used to nourish liver blood and tonify kidney yin. This helps replenish hair by promoting growth and also maintaining the health of not only hair but skin, nails, and bones too. Food and herbal formulas are used to both nourish blood and promote circulation to the scalp. The specific formula I use in my clinic helps to treat a variety of disorders associated with aging and deterioration. Most patients report notable changes in their own hair texture within two months and changes in hair color in four to six months.

Certain acupoints on the body are used to help stimulate the scalp and nourish the blood. These are acupuncture points which also help nourish blood and kidney yin. Some of the techniques for nourishing hair and stopping premature graying and hair loss date back to the Ming dynasty in China which was in the 14th century. Techniques were developed in the 19th century by a private doctor in the Forbidden City who treated Empress Chi-Xi’s hair, keeping it vibrant and healthy.

There are also some simple tips that help to keep hair healthy every day. These include using natural bristle brushes and brushing to improve circulation directly to the scalp. Untangle hair prior to shampooing will also help to prevent extra stress to the hair. Mild shampoo is best and applied to scalp with a massage. Sun, cigarette smoke, and added stress all play havoc on the hair over time. Having regular exercise, hydrating diet, and a normal sleep pattern is vital for hair health as well as the immune system as a whole.

If suffering from dandruff, it is recommended to increase your B vitamins. Foods rich in biotin are great choices such as sunflower seeds, oats, green peas, and walnuts. Adequate protein is required because it is the major building block of hair. So having milk, fish, eggs, and beans are a great way to ensure proper protein. Both vitamins A and B not only help promote hair growth but also improve circulation to the scalp.

Certain pharmaceutical medications play havoc on the hair and actually create hair loss. These may include a large range of medications for cholesterol, arthritis, depression, thyroid, gout, blood pressure, male hormones, blood thinners and many more. But unfortunately, this is only one of many side effects with these drugs. Genetics and hormones both tend to be the most common reasons for hair loss. Liver blood in eastern medicine ties in with hormone regulation and we now know through the study of epigenetics that genetics only play a small percent when doing everything else correctly.

Other issues which create havoc on hair is malabsorption of nutrients, pregnancy, crash or fad diets, poor scalp circulation, and very high doses of vitamin A. Some fad diets deplete the body of essential whole grains which supply so many nutrients for the hair as well. Whole grains are loaded with iron, zinc, biotin, and vitamin B. These specific vitamins and minerals all help to promote proper hair growth and keeps the hair thick and healthy. Other foods for the hair include blackstrap molasses, leafy greens, leeks, berries, figs, cashews, and dried fruit. Essential fatty acids like flax, walnuts, and fish improve hair quality and strength. Plus, the added benefit off flaxseed is decreasing overall inflammation in the whole body. Avoid foods that impair circulation which affects the scalp itself. These include saturated and hydrogenated fats found in processed foods.

Signs of distressed hair is dryness/dullness, receding hairline, thinning hair, and hair that may even come out in patches. For a home remedy to help smooth hair, banana and coconut milk is used to bring sheen and vibrance back to hair. This is applied to wet hair and to be left on for 30 minutes prior to rinsing. Typically, the hair is only one sign noted. Dry skin and brittle nails are often paired with hair issues. This is all a root cause from liver blood deficiency according to eastern medicine. This can be rightfully corrected and restored. As we get older, we all develop kidney deficiency which affects the hair as well. Tonics are given and acupoints used to replenish kidney essence.

Breathing consciously and breathing deep is also very important in bringing in oxygenated blood and helping circulation even to our scalp. This also helps to reduce overall stress which shows itself in premature aging. Taking time for meditation with deep breathing provides many health benefits and hair is just one of them. Proper stress management combined with harmonized breath flow throughout the body stimulates proper hormone regulation and invigorates blood flow. Proper hydration with both nourishing hydrating foods and clean water are also imperative for keeping healthy skin and hair.

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