Herbal Formulas and the Healing Process


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     The best combination for treating chronic health issues is the combination of both acupuncture with an individualized herbal formula based on specific patient assessment. Acupuncture, alone, is very beneficial for many ailments especially in acute situations. These range in great variety from pain issues, anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, headaches, autoimmune disorders, and the list goes on. However, when a disorder is presented in a more severe or chronic nature, herbal formulas prescribed by your Eastern Medicine practitioner will help greatly expedite the body in its healing process.

When a patient first presents in the office, there are often three stages of treatment. The first stage of treatment is corrective care which alleviates the current symptoms the patient is experiencing. This stage of care brings relief for the patient but also needs to be followed by restorative care. Restorative care is getting down to the root cause of the chronic condition which typically in more serious cases can take up to 2 to 6 months depending on history and how long the issue has presented in the body. This is also determined by the current health habits of the patient and if proper diet and food therapy is in check. The patient balances more quickly and results are seen much sooner. The final stage is the maintenance phase of healing. This is the preventative or prophylactic care to help ensure no relapse of imbalance in the body. This may be a quarterly visit with both acupuncture, cupping, or herbal tonic that may be ongoing based on individual need and severity.

The body is as a garden where first the unruly weeds need to be removed and the soil tilled. Then the fertilizer and nourishing tonics are placed to replenish the deficiencies of what was lost. Finally, once a healthy foundation is set, a beautiful garden of vegetation or flowers can start to grow and flourish. This care and balance can be brought forth with proper assessment, acupoint placement with fine, thin needles, and herbal formulas based on individual presentation and need. The garden will need quarterly maintenance and results are plentiful.

Traditional Chinese Medicine, not only offers a rich heritage in healing and maintaining health but it continues to show its value in ongoing research. The effect of specific eastern herbs has been repeatedly documented on greatly reducing many inflammatory markers in the body with little to no side effects when used properly and overseen by a trained practitioner in Eastern Medicine. New and updated formulas have been derived from some of the ancient classic herbals to be used now for many modern ailments  that plague our current health crisis existing today. This ancient art of healing not only helps correct the root cause of the issue but has few if any side effects when used properly. Results are more long term than conventional treatments especially with proper maintenance and when prophylactic care is applied.

Herbal extracts are used mostly in my office as opposed to raw herbs. These are a 5:1 ratio which means they are concentrated and have a high efficacy approach in a smaller quantity dose. Basically, 5 pounds of premium quality raw herbal formulas are condensed to 1 pound of concentrated herbal extracts. This allows a higher therapeutic dose with less cumbersome task of cooking raw herbs and better tolerance of adhering to completion of treatment. Convenience of capsules or granules helps increase patient compliance. This overall ensures better outcome due to compliance and high potency.

Currently, China holds 77 national independent scientific research institutions. More than 10,000 professional technicians and over 100 research institutions are both affiliated and working with Traditional Chinese Medicine Universities to help signify that this ancient art of healing is still showing its value in today’s modern research and has stood its test in time.

Today, America houses some wonderful high quality Eastern Medicine pharmacies which I utilize in my office. These pharmacies use high standards of testing to ensure that there are no bacteria, fungal, or heavy metals present. There are many rigorous standards and testing that is done to provide assurance of both safety and efficacy in each herbal extract. The best of modern technology is used by these pharmacies to help ensure that the essence of TCM is available to mainstream America. Pharmaceutical grade, high quality herbal extracts provide the safety and efficacy needed if prescribed by a board certified Eastern Medicine practitioner.

I find that the body responds much greater to natural herbals as opposed to synthetic conventional medicine. The body’s natural ability to balance and heal is enhanced and the root cause is the focus rather than just the symptomatic branch. Call today to start your journey to optimal health. Each person is individually assessed and the treatment is customized based on your own personal need and presentation. Call  or text 772-353-1397 to schedule your appointment. I look forward to helping you on this journey whether it is an acute or chronic issue. Blessings!


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