Immune System Benefits of Eastern Medicine


BY Rachelle Tetreault, L,Ac


Acupuncture is most known for its amazing ability to treat pain and injuries. It helps facilitate healing following injury or trauma to any location on the body. Part of how Eastern Medicine works is based solely on regulation of the immune system. There is still a lot more to learn and advanced research still pending but much has already been discovered in the role of both acupuncture or Eastern herbal medicine in optimizing one’s overall immune response.  

     According to Journal of Autonomic and Neuroscience, “increased clinical evidence support electro-acupuncture treatments are effective for various immunological diseases including allergic disorders, infections, autoimmune disease, and immunodeficiency syndromes”. Acupuncture, alone, has been shown to have a very strong positive effect on enhancing immune cell function in the body.

Acupuncture Immune System Discovery, published by HealthCMi took place in Hubei University of Chinese Medicine. This entailed a controlled laboratory experiment which revealed a significant positive response involving electroacupunture stimulation of specific acupoints on the body with marked improvement of immune system regulation.

Other studies in the past have confirmed the role of acupuncture for increasing the production of defensive white blood cells throughout the body. Eastern Medicine, as a whole, enhances the level of immune cytokines and splenic CDR-T cells through what is known as TRPV channels according to the Hubei study. In addition, it was shown to enhance serum interferon-y (IFN-y) levels, interleukin (IL)-2 and (IL)-7. These specific cytokines play a major role in maintain optimal health.

There is also a both a localized and systemic approach which acupuncture helps facilitating the healing response in the body. This is accomplished by the ability of acupoint placement to facilitate blood and lymph circulation. This ultimately helps reduce inflammation in the body and aids in the body’s natural cleansing and detoxification process. The major lymphatic system of the body consisting of spleen, thymus, lymph nodes, tonsils, and lymphatic ducts all are optimized. Specific acupoints on the body are stimulated which helps in the release of immune modulatory cells which help scan for viruses and infection. This, in turn, allows the T-cells to better destroy both bad bacteria and viruses.

Eastern Medicine is not only intended to treat disorders but also used preventatively to keep the body strong and the immune system optimized. So, therefore, it is used to treat many disorders and and to help keep the body strong and defensive “qi” strong. This allows more resistance to pathogens. Research has repeatedly shown the Eastern Medicine both regulates and activates the defense systems in the body.

The food therapy offered by an Eastern Medicine practitioner also uses specific foods which nourish or regulate that specific area of need or concern. Goji berries are now very popular but are the number one food therapy for nourish liver blood. This is very important in constitutionally weak patients that have a depletion of liver blood. The right foods and often herbal formulas are used to initially balance the body until it begins regulating on its own. Eastern Medicine is used to help gently guide the body in its healing process. The body is amazing all by itself but can be dysregulated and needs guidance and support.

Tai chi and different forms of meditation are extremely useful as well in naturally lowering inflammatory cytokines in the body. We know stress especially in chronic stress situations increase these markers. The CRP markers or C-Reactive Protein Test are a way of monitoring inflammation in the body. High levels (greater than 3mg/liter) typically indicate that there is inflammation throughout the body. This can be the result of cancer, infection, or even heart disease. Eastern Medicine has been shown to actually lower inflammatory markers and inflammatory cytokines in the body. Inflammation is the major cause of all diseases. This can be from our diets, our ability to handle chronic stress, our lack of staying active , or even constitutional deficiencies.

Eastern Medicine is formed on the belief of balance and regulation in the body and this is deep rooted in its ability in regulating the immune system. Nature, itself, is all about the proper balance. The body is very similar in that if guided gently, it will return to full health and vital energy. Follow the food therapy of the seasons and set time aside to restore the body. Call today to receive a full assessment to help prevent further issues and help replenish the body’s vitality. 772-353-1397. Let’s begin your journey to true health!