Liver Spring Cleaning

We know this time of the year, our drapes need washed, windows need cleaned, and purging of winter hibernating clothes and boots but what about our livers? The liver in Eastern Medicine is in charge of the other organs of our body therefore helping to maintain regulation of all the other organs. Without a healthy liver, our health would only be subpar and not one of both vitality and a strong immune system. Signs of a sluggish liver can be extra fat around the abdomen, frequent headaches, irritability, or a negative outlook. Whereas, once the liver has been rid of stagnation, the benefits are multiple. Energy, digestion, and a more positive outlook are a few of the first things you will notice.

The liver is in charge of over 400 digestive functions and over 200 hormonal functions. Due to this, the liver acts as both a gland and an organ. In Eastern Medicine, we actually look to the liver blood to help regulate hormones and balance many digestive issues. The main causes for the liver to not work optimally can be due to chronic stress, alcohol consumption, processed foods, environmental chemicals as well as personal products we use on our bodies. Other causes can be poor water quality and medications they we may have taken. All these can result in fatty liver but also a liver that is sluggish and needs some attention.

In the clinic, liver stagnation is quite common to see in patients. This does not typically present with any abnormal lab values. However, the handling of stress tends to be poor and irritability usually sets in. There is poor adaptability to both mental and emotional stressors when this occurs. Sometimes a lot of sighing is noticed, the tongue will have an appearance of some dimness or redness of the sides and the spleen energy will usually be depleted if it has been chronic. Treatment includes acupoints that help regulate the liver energy. This allows the body to adapt better to stress and it nourishes the overall energy of the body.  The four gates for healing points are typically used to begin the process of helping the body reset. These points are found on the hands and feet. I like to combine these with longevity points to optimize the immune system.

There are many great food therapy selections to help nourish the liver. These include beets, beet greens, leeks, kale, dandelion greens, bok choy, artichokes, and alfalfa sprouts. There are many others but typically the green leafy ones will do the trick. Eating a diet rich in good fats help the body become more resilient to stress upon the liver. These include avocados, and nut choices like Brazilian, almonds, cashews, walnuts, and macadamia. Good selection of healthy oils should include coconut, olive, and avocado. Flax seed provide wonderful essential fatty acids, fiber, and protein our bodies need.

During a liver cleanse, it is good to have unlimited vegetables but limit animal protein. Using the healthier choices of raw or soaked nuts with quinoa will help the liver regenerate quicker. Stick to a non-processed diet, no sugar, and limit starchy veggies like potatoes. Having a warm green tea, warm lemon water, or a natural cranberry with apple cider decoction will help boost the process especially first thing in the morning.

Gentle movement, deep breaths, and positive energy thoughts all help reboot the mind to regulate the flow of life’s precious energy which we can manifest and help restore our own energy. This provides us more clarity, more focus, better circulation, and moves our lymphatics (especially with the deep breathing).

The liver is the organ which becomes first affected by stress and it becomes stagnated when stress becomes too much or too chronic like long-term stressors. This is why reevaluating your life and what you would like to generate in this life needs to be conveyed and spoken within yourself. What are you most grateful and happy for? These thoughts and enlightenments help bring clarity and the empowerment of what control we have over our own lives. Letting go of what does not serve us but focusing on our strengths and goals help direct us to an accomplished life that we can obtain more directly by settings feasible goals. This life will then coincide more with your true self without false pretenses or a path that leads you to an undesirable arrival.

Long-term liver stagnation leads to chronic issues which affect the liver blood to liver yin of the body if left untreated. Stress to our body regardless of the root cause whether by poor diet or poor lifestyle increases the inflammatory cytokines in our body on a cellular level. This is the cause of most diseases and disorders we face. Call today to begin your journey to optimal health : 772-353-1397