Meridian Health and Acupuncture

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, we recognize meridian(s) or jing lou , which are energy pathways which run throughout the body. These passageways connect to Acupuncture and immune systemmultiple acupuncture points throughout the entire body which allow the proper flow of energy to maintain health and balance. Modern research has shown that acupuncture pathways are in western terms visceral. Multiple diagnostic methods have been used to show a connection of acupuncture points and pathways relating to actual organs and communication to the brain. MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) has been upmost of help with revealing the connection of the body and mind via acupuncture needle placement. Other methods include infrared imaging, LCD thermal photography, ultrasound, and C-T imaging. Jing lou or meridian is a channel which not only qi or energy but other fundamental substances flow. Blocked energy flow creates imbalance, pain, symptoms, and ultimately disease. Various causes for blocked meridian(s) may include diet, stress, external pathogens such as viruses, trauma, lack of sleep, improper breathing techniques, and mental health issues.

Acupuncture can help unblock these pathways allowing better flow and health to be regained. There are twelve main meridian(s) which have corresponding organs as a pair.

  1.  TAIYANG– corresponds to both Urinary Bladder and Small Intestine organ and energy. These are the most external and considered the ‘greater      yang’
  2.  YANGMING– corresponds to both Stomach and Large Intestine organs and energy. These are referred to as ‘brightest yang’
  3.  SHAOYANG– corresponds to both San Jiao (triple burner) and Gallbladder organ and energy. This pair is referred to as the ‘lesser yang’
  4. TAIYIN– corresponds to both Spleen and Lung organ and energy. These are the ‘greater yin’ pair.
  5. SHAOYIN– correspond to both heart and kidney organ and energy. These are the ‘lesser yin’ pair.
  6. JUEYIN- correspond to both liver and pericardium energy and organ. These are the ‘absolute yin’

The Lungs take in air and vital qi during breathing to both distribute and cleanse it around the body. This is a fundamental process for optimizing the immune system, eliminating of carbon dioxide gases via exhalation, and promoting emotional stability and improving mentality.

The spleen corresponds to the functionality of the pancreas in western terms and is in charge of secreting digestive enzymes. The spleen is also a major factor in the immune system and even plays a role in the female reproductive glands. The spleen maintains the health of connective tissue and muscle tissue. Self-confidence also resides in the energy aspect of the spleen health. It affects self-image and the desire to help others.

The heart governs blood and all the vessels as well as the circulatory system. It houses the shen or mind which affects our emotions. It also corresponds to joy, calmness, and overall communication to others.

The kidneys control the hormonal system and function of the adrenals. They provide and store essential energy for the other organs and nourish then entire nervous system: the spine, bones, and the brain. It is in charge of overall vitality, courage, and will power. The kidney is essentially in charge of birth, growth, reproduction, and total development.

The liver stores blood and nutrients which is ultimately distributed throughout the body. It governs the digestive system and the muscular. It is in charge of our ability to be creative and have organizational skills as well as planning.

The pericardium or heart governor is the protector of the heart and is tied in to our emotional responses. It is significantly related to central circulation and affects our relationships with others.

The large intestine assists the function of the lungs. It processes food substances and helps with the elimination of waste. This also is used in emotional terms of ‘letting go’ of what is not needed.

The stomach is responsible for ‘ripening and receiving’ ingested food and all the fluids. It is the information for both physical and mental nourishment. There are now known to be more neurons in the stomach than the brain. Eastern medicine has been aware of this mental connection for thousands of years. The stomach helps provide groundedness or centeredness, and both reliability and self-confidence.

The urinary bladder deals with both regulation and purification and also nourishes the spine. It affect overall courage and the ability to move forward with confidence.

The small intestine is reflected by the quality of blood and tissue. It affects emotional stability and calmness. When imbalanced, one can have anxiety, or nervousness.

The gall bladder not only stores the bile produced by the liver but distributes it in the small intestine and greatly affects the digestive system. This affects the practical onset of ideas and overall decision making.

The San Jiao transports energy, blood, and heat to the peripheries of the body playing a huge part in the circulatory system. There is an upper, middle, and lower jiao. This meridian plays a part in emotional interaction and helpfulness.

     Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to improve quality of life whether due to pain, trauma, emotional issues, or symptoms of imbalance in the body. It is highly effective for both preventative and treatment purposes.

    Other ways to maintain balance in the body is proper lifestyle modification. This can be done by eliminating unnecessary stress in your life. This may mean changing your job or reassessing your set goals in your life. Daily relaxation via meditation or tai chi and a balanced diet with much hydration through proper foods and drink. Food selection should be essentially hydrating as well since the body is mostly water. Coping with stress in positive ways like a brisk 20 minute walk. Connect with nature. Feel the earth with your bare feet. Use all your senses. Find your creative side whether art, journaling, collecting, singing, or movement. Keep mentors on hand and connect with loved ones. Stay open to new connections.

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