Morning Routine and Health


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By Dr. Rachelle Tetreault, DAOM, L,Ac

It is often noted that your morning routine says a lot about a person but I say your morning routine can do a lot for a person. It is often used to help define success outcomes and even books are dedicated to the importance of what we do in the morning to prepare our day to reach our full potential. What we do in the morning sets the foundation for what lies ahead and often planning the night before is needed to foolproof the outcome how our morning unfolds. The renown and retired United States four-star Navy Admiral William McRaven, who served as the ninth commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, has been well known for stating how little tasks like making our bed in the morning is a way to not only change our life but perhaps the world. It is a simple way of decluttering our personal space. He also speaks about how one simple task can lead to many others. We often underestimate these little tasks for the way they help us improve our perception and setting goals for ourselves in making our day’s journey ahead lighter. So together, let’s take a look at a few key components to making a beautiful start to your day, each day!

Proper mindset is essential! Each day is a new day, new opportunities , a time for reflection and looking ahead with new promise and goals, no matter how small. Regardless of what is unfolding in each of our lives, we need positive energy and good self-proclamations to fill our mind and get rid of negative thoughts that do not serve us. So this is done by receiving the art of gratitude and thinking on the things which we are thankful for and this promotes healing for both our body and mind. Daily positive affirmations can be inspiring. These can be done through thoughts, spoken words, or a photograph which triggers this state of mind. A state of gratitude actually energizes us naturally.

Hydration! Our body is yearning for proper hydration from the time we wake up. Research shows that dehydration from sleeping all night raises the risk of morning cardiovascular events. So, even more reason to enjoy that mug of warm lemon water in the morning before you reach for that cup of java. Hydrate before caffeinate!

Proper fuel for the day! So, this entails having a nutrient dense breakfast consisting of a good protein (nuts, seeds, eggs, fish), organic whole grains (full of B vitamins to help the body deal better with stress), fruits and vegetables (35 grams of fiber per day). This is truly the breakfast of champions and will ensure that you are active early and properly fueled to take on the world. In a hurry? Grab a handful of walnuts or your favorite Brazilian nuts, a slice of whole grain toast topped with avocado or egg and you are on your way. Your brain will thank you later.

Before I share some of my personal favorite morning routines, let’s talk about research findings. Research shows us that early to rise increases our overall productivity and we tend to be more proactive in completing tasks and this simple habit helps us handle stress better. A consistent schedule helps our bodies adapt better to a healthy circadian rhythm. Our bodies crave routine. Be in bed by 10pm and up bright and early for the liver cycle to fully cleanse and complete its process. This ensures better health overall.

My favorite morning routines include simple and short sessions of tai chi. Pick your most favorite poses and breathe and repeat. On super early mornings, these can be reduced to 5 to 10 minutes or performed at the office between clients. There are numerous benefits with tai chi. A few of these include better flexibility, injury rehabilitation, mental clarity, more energy, improves sex life, feel happier, and better sleep at night. What more could we ask for, right?

Music in the morning is amazing. Especially if it is upbeat and it gets your blood pumping and puts some pep in your step. Music can bring positive energy and make you wanna dance and also feel at peace. Of course, other members in your house need to be in agreeance of volume and perhaps music selection. Meditation can be done by prayer, apps, settling the mind and focusing on breath 10 to 15 minutes daily. This can also be accomplished by meditating while on morning walks with nature or yoga. Lastly, some form of stretching, will get the blood flowing and the brain active but yet relaxed. This should be done each day.

To help eliminate stress in your morning routine, plan your day ahead and start off with a good night’s sleep. Plan your breakfast and lunch ahead and have packed and ready to go. Wake up early and give yourself the time needed to have a successful day ahead. Lastly, a great habit is to journal in the morning but this may need to be saved on those days off when you have more time to reflect. Make notes and prioritize what matters most in your life. Journaling helps process any lingering negative thoughts which may be hidden. Write what you are grateful for. This helps reinforce our overall gratitude for life and others. Let’s continue to start this year off right by making the most of our mornings. This will enhance the rest of our year! Call today for your assessment and let’s start the journey of healing. 772-626-6419