New Patient Consent to Treat

Acupuncture has been used for medical therapy for over two thousand years in the orient. Here in the west, we have only begun to reach its efficacy and mode of action. Acupuncture, nevertheless, has gained recognition as a standard method by the American Medical Community at large. We have observed good results from it’s use and know of very few problems or complications.

I authorize the Acupuncture Physician to administer acupuncture, which primarily involves the insertion of needles at one or more points on the body. Twirling of the needles and/or applying heat to the needles or skin.

Electro acupuncture: Utilizes a small battery powered simulator, which provides a pulsating sensation set to your comfort level when applied to inserted needles or directly on a body point.

Indirect Moxabustion: This is a heat treatment with the heat supplied by burning of the herb artemisia vulgarius. Either upon an inserted needle or through an insulated material to warm the skin.

Cupping: Is a dermal suction treatment in which a vacuum is created in a wooden, glass, or plastic cup placed on the skin as so to improve circulation in the area.

Auricular Treatment: This involves the placing of small specialized magnets or pellets of various materials on the body. Very rarely there maybe a mild skin reaction, which vanishes in days.

I have read and understand the above statements and I consent to the use of Acupuncture and/or allied techniques.