Treating the Body with Supplements, Herbal Decoctions, and Foods 

Treating the Body with Supplements, Herbal Decoctions, and Foods 
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by Dr. Rachelle Tetreault L,Ac, DAOM


There is a lot that can be accomplished with simple food therapy. This is best used according to each individual and their specific goal in mind. Whether trying to become more fertile, have an optimal immune system, improve memory, or even to ward off arthritis; Eastern Medicine is designed to assist not only with more well known modalities like acupuncture or acu-pressure but also food therapy and herbal decoctions. I do not typically believe in taking many supplements, it is always best to get the nutrients from a food source. However, in great deficiencies, there are benefits to taking specific ones along with an individualized herbal decoction to specifically treat more the root cause of the deficiency to begin with.

In my office, an assessment is performed to check the overall constitution of the patient. A history and evaluation is taken along with a full tongue and pulse assessment to determine if stagnations or deficiencies exist throughout the body. This determines the type of modality or treatment adjunct used to bring the best health and balance to the patient.

When helping patients with obesity, a high fiber diet with good healthy fats, low carbs, low sugar is encouraged. Several cups of green or oolong warm tea daily with fish ranging from salmon, tuna, mackerel or herring is best. Some of the best supplements would include fish oil. B complex, calcium 1000-1200mg, vitamin D, E, and chromium picolinate at 400-800mcg. Acu -point placement would be used to strengthen the REN, SPLEEN, STOMACH meridians at specific points. These are used to improve metabolism, eliminate toxins (damp/phlegm) and nourish the foundational support of the body which ultimately helps in nutrient absorption, blood production, and overall health. If needed, the patient is placed on a herbal decoction to help expedite the process of releasing toxins but also strengthening the middle jiao and improving overall digestion and metabolism as well as reducing appetite.

For anti-aging, especially on the face, supplements like biotin, fish oil, alpha-lipoic acid, and vitamin C and E are most beneficial. Certain acu-points are used to bring good circulation and lessen wrinkles depending on patient and pattern of aging. Herbal decoctions dating back to ancient times are used to enhance longevity of the individual and strengthen the overall constitution of the body. In Eastern Medicine, these specific herbal decoctions help tonify qi, blood, yin, and yang and to promote general wellness and the full energy of the body. Food therapy like papayas, grapefruit, flax seed, chia, pineapple, and many greens are all very beneficial.

For patients suffering ADHD, it is vital to have plenty of daily  Omega 3s (kids 500-900mg) and adults (2gms). Antioxidants from a variety of superfoods is recommended as well as zinc. There are some acu- pressure points on the scalp that are very beneficial to help with focus and overall cognitive skills. Some cases require an herbal decoction to help gently calm the mind throughout the day as needed.

With allergies, there can be a few different causes in Eastern Medicine. Sometimes it is rooted in spleen deficiency with dampness or even liver blood deficiency. Certain supplements like bromelain, grape seed extract or mixed bioflavonoids can be beneficial. Depending on the type of allergy, there are many modalities and food therapy specific to individual treatment that will help. Relief for a range of allergies associated with environmental, stress, inflammation, or infection can be obtained with a proper assessment to help with root cause.

To ward off arthritis, food therapy is very useful. Inflammation of the joints can be prevented but also treated when a good diet is combined with soft stretching, heat therapy, and if needed an herbal decoction. Herbal decoctions prescribed by a licensed, board certified eastern medicine practitioner can not only help reduce pain, but also help strengthen soft connective tissue and repair joints. The ultimate goal is to invigorate the blood circulation and relieve pain. Both musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders are major causes of physical disability and pain. Much can be done to both prevent and treat arthritis.

When patients need help with addictions whether alcohol, smoking, or such; there are typically many deficiencies which will need to be tended. Certain supplements like B-complex, Mg+, protein (8gm per 20 lbs of weight) for daily consumption, Omega 3s, CA+, and many others will help. An herbal decoction to help gently and naturally calm the nervous system is recommended with auricular (ear points). These acu-points help stimulate part of the nervous system to help ease withdrawal cravings. In Eastern Medicine, calming the shen, tranquilizing the heart, spreading liver energy and purging excess liver fire is needed. This can be accomplished through various modalities.

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