Woman’s Health: Essential Care Through Ancient Wisdom



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By Dr. Rachelle Tetreault DAOM, L,Ac


Woman's HealthEach stage of a woman’s life is full of beauty and unique challenges and opportunities. Finding the true balance of family, work, and learning the art of destressing makes all the difference with overall health. A good balance in these areas allows the blood to be sufficient, the hormones balanced, and the woman’s body and mind to have a stronger connection. Utilizing meditation, living mindfully, and having gratitude throughout each stage helps us to appreciate our own unique qualities and gifts we have to offer to ourselves and those around us. The female body is one of constant change. Each stage is to be honored and authentic and fully embraced. By living more mindful of each moment, being grateful, and taking part in mediation, cognition can improve greatly. Creativeness and mental clarity can also be regained by these simple tasks. The proper foods, sufficient exercise, and managing stress also play a huge part in the upkeep of overall health through each stage especially as we get older.

There are three major organs which are involved in the woman’s life cycles which include the liver, spleen, and kidney. The kidneys main function lies in the life force potential which stores this energy called jing. The liver is a major organ in women’s health when it is out of balance, the body is under stress in many ways. The liver supports fertility, both physical and emotional balance, and menstruation. If the liver is not harmonized, many symptoms are seen like headaches, fibroids, early-onset menopause, mood swings, intermittent bleeding, PMS, and much more. The healthier a woman is, the longer a menstrual cycle remains. The spleen produces blood, helps hold the blood for the liver to store, helps regulate the immune system, and provides energy as well.

There should be a smooth flow of energy and blood in a woman’s body for all the organs to work synergistically. Proper food therapy, managing stress, and adequate exercise helps ensure a good start. Traditional Chinese Medicine can help improve breast health and even aid in the recovery from breast cancer. It is also very beneficial during pregnancy and post-delivery care. It can help ensure both the mother and baby to stay healthy and also helps prepare the body for delivery by nourishing both mother and baby. It is often even used to help guide the baby for a safer delivery during complications such as placenta previa or breech positioning.

The Huang Di Nei Jing is a classic ancient text of Traditional Chinese Medicine and it depicts how a woman’s kidney qi energy occurs in 7 year cycles. The first seven years helps prepare a young girl in her initial growth to be healthy. Hair and teeth both grow at this time. During the second cycle around age fourteen, the kidney energy is at its strongest creating the onset of puberty. Menstrual cycles typically begin at this time. The Ren meridian, known as the Sea of yin is now manifested and flows. The Chong meridian is known as the Sea of Blood and further gives plentiful energy and blood which eventually will allow for childbirth to one day occur.

By age twenty-one, the kidney energy is beginning to peak. At this time, development stops and wisdom teeth have usually developed. By the 4th stage, at age 28, the body has reached its peak and this time is considered or seen as the optimal time for childbirth. By thirty-five, the peak energy begins to gradually decline physically. The body has since reached it full optimal potential. The Yangming meridian starts to decline. By age forty-two, the upper body starts showing some notable decline and gray hair may take effect. Fertility becomes more difficult but not impossible. At the 7th cycle, around age 49, the Conception Vessel, also know as the Ren and Chong Meridians come to an end. Menopause often takes place. The ability to conceive will come to an end soon. This is also a time to honor yourself and your value. At this time, extra care is needed to help improve circulation, combat feelings of loneliness, reduce pain in the body, and prevent insomnia.

As women, food therapy is often more essential to nourish the yin throughout different stages of our life. Yin foods help prevent early aging and keep the body younger longer. Foods such as eggs, honey, lemon, tofu, tomatoes, organic milks, pears, yams, peas, string beans, watermelon are all great choices to nourish yin. Nuts and seeds, fish, avocadoes, good olive oils help maintain the good essential fatty acids to help balance hormones and prevent many issues. Taking the time to value ourselves and rejuvenate through prayer, mediation, tai chi, nature walks, journaling, acupuncture, gentle exercise all keep us healthy and strong. No matter what stage of life cycle, one should thrive and be honored. Appreciate your unique qualities and gifts only you can offer. Live life in a way to honor your own talents and live your true passions. Be mindful, grateful, and your true authentic you.